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The LHL Schoolroom:

  • Includes all the subjects needed for a well-rounded hands-on education for ages 2-7 years

  • Is perfect for homeschooling or in the classroom

  • Works great for multi-aged learning with an involved and interactive play-based approach

Our Little Hands Learn Monthly Schoolrooms

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Check out what is inside the SCHOOLROOMs

Engaging Unit Studies

Whether you are a homeschooling parent or a teacher, you will find that our virtual SCHOOLROOM is beautifully organized to keep your preparation work minimal and your schooling life less stressful!

The themed unit studies have been carefully created to incorporate all subject areas and ignite wonder and love for education in children aged 2-8 years of age.

Inside the SCHOOLROOM, each themed unit study is designed for a month long period of hands-on learning.

Each PRIMARY Schoolroom Unit Study Guide includes:

A carefully curated list of recommended books specifically created for each unit study. In the members area, we have uploaded all the available video read-aloud book options!

Our schedules will keep your life simplified. You will receive monthly, weekly and daily schedules.

In the members area, the daily schedules include easy to use downloads for each printable, so that you know what to print for each lesson.

Many of us are visual learners, so we made sure to include our bi-weekly visual guide to showcase and inspire you to create the lessons with the materials available at your fingertips.

Each unit study comes with a list of beautiful DIY projects, many of which are Montessori inspired, that you can easily create using our detailed list of materials and our step-by-step visual instructions.

We also include a hands-on science experiment for each unit study, that will increase your child's interest in science. Furthermore, each unit study comes with Montessori Practical Life Lessons.

Each lesson comes with a detailed, yet easy to follow lesson plan, featuring a write up and step-by-step visual instructions. Many of the lessons are written by an AMI qualified Montessori guide.

The Printable Library

Each unit study comes with a gorgeous printable library that is carefully designed and curated to suit the theme of the unit study. This library features detailed printables, such as posters, games, maps, and cards. Also, a library of Montessori 3-part cards in two sizes and with a version that enables you to write the words in your own language. And a collection of themed math and language printables.

Freebie Week

This is an entire week of free lessons & printables with life-time access as long as LHL is online!

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