5: Kindness 2.0

This month you will meet your brand new friends here at Little Hands Learn, Lili and Eli. They will help you learn good manners and show you how you can spread love and kindness in your neighborhood. Plus, we added a week on cultural awareness with hands-on activities! The bonus this month, is the WINTER activity bundle and CHRISTMAS activity bundle.

Main Topics:
Care for the Home
Stop Germs
Acts of Kindness
Flower Arranging
Caring for Animals
Cultural Awareness
Peace Corner
Children of the World
DIY Projects:
DIY Placemat Template
Chore Chart
Teddy Bear Bread Recipe
Felt Continents with Children
Sew Montessori Felt Globe Template
Practical Life Skills:
Care for the Home & Fine Motor
Polishing & Napkin Folding
Walk the Line
Cutting & Lacing
Carl Larsson Art Journal & Picture Study
Summer Nature Journal
Optional Bible Journal
  • Unit Study Plan

    Recommended Books, DIY Instructions & Lesson Plans
  • Schedules

    • Weekly
    • Daily
    • Blanks
  • Printables

    Themed Montessori Printables & 3 Part Cards (in English & Blank)
  • Journals

    • Art
    • Nature
    • Optional Bible
  • Extras

    Toddler & Handwriting Bundle
  • Math & Language

    Themed Math & Language Printables

Individual Unit Study

Buy each unit study individually. Below is the list of everything included in the Unit Study.


Bundle of 5 Unit Studies       

Get immediate access to the first 5 unit studies of our plan:                                
  • Intro to Earth
  • Seasons & Time
  • Outer Space
  • Mammals
  • Kindness

Bundle of 10 Unit Studies

Get all the unit studies in option 2 plus the following ones released before December 2021:            
  • Anatomy
  • Birds
  • Botany
  • Farm to Table
  • Ocean Study

What's Included in Kindness Unit Study:


Each unit study comes with a fully comprehensive plan featuring:
  • daily, weekly & monthly schedules
  • blank schedule to follow your own rhythm
  • list of recommended books
  • on the shelves visual overview


Each unit study comes with a fully comprehensive plan featuring:
  • weekend preparation checklist
  • material lists
  • DIY project instructions
  • detailed lesson plans


Each unit study comes with a fully comprehensive plan featuring:
  • themed Montessori inspired printables
  • 3-part cards in two sizes (small and large) and in English and without words, so you can add definitions in your own language


In this unit study you will also receive:
  • Summer Nature Journal (A5 format)
  • Art Journal (Carl Larsson)
  • Charlotte Mason Art Study
  • Optional Bible Study
Part of the art study is also a mini composer study. This month's composer is Wilhelm Peterson-Berger.


    Our extras include::
    • Kindness Toddler Bundle
    • Christmas Bundle
    • Winter Handwriting Bundle
    • Winter Mini Bundle

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    I love LHL because it is a one-stop-shop Montessori curriculum. Love how it is theme-based yet continues to scaffold the children's learning month after month.
    What I love about LHL is attention to detail to every single printable, outstanding customer service, and all in all awesomeness. 
    One of my favourite things is how beautiful a lot of the printables are! I love being given a solid plan that can also be flexible to our needs. Also the hands on science experiments are our favourite thing to do!
    What drew me to Little Hands Learn was the detailed curriculum that shows exactly what each week could look like. I needed the guesswork taken out of planning. Now, with LHL, I get to have more time to plan dinners, play, and learn with my family because the planning is done for me.
    Kelsey M.
    The diversity of the activities, all the instructions and a very easy website to navigate (just to start with some of the things we like!)
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    The material has sequence and is detailed. Beautiful colors. I felt who works to deliver the LHL material put a lot of efforts in the final delivery. I love LHL.
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